To: Teresa May / HM Government

Climate change is still THE most important issue

Climate change is still THE most important issue

We call upon Teresa May, the new Prime Minister, to appoint a Cabinet Minster who's sole and singular duty is to ensure that the UK, together with other counties, bears down upon and tackles the issue of climate change by, year on year, steadily decreasing the use of fossil fuels so that we can clearly and unambiguously follow a trajectory towards a carbon-free economy by 2050.

Why is this important?

Climate change is NOT an old drab or dull issue. Is is THE single most important issue facing humanity and our species. It will define the 21st century in the way that World War defined the 20th century. It must not be ignored by the new Prime Minister.

The climate is changing rapidly. This is causing rapid destruction of biodiversity and is increasingly leading to extreme weather, shrinkage of the polar ice-caps, melting of glaciers, rising sea-levels and a catastrophic change to global weather patterns. This is leading to human conflict over space, food and resources, and is the driving force behind the migrant crisis the world is experiencing. We must not ignore this issue because it will engulf us!

Reasons for signing

  • We look the world help tackling climate change in the world and in the uk
  • I want to see climate change and the environment given more importance than Teresa May has placed on it. Her cabinet is made of terrible choices: fox hunting advocates, fracking, climate change deniers. Thus why I am also petitioning against her.


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