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To: Lord Darzi and Sir Magdi Yacoub

closure of padiatrician and adult heart surgury at Royal Brompton Hospital

I would like to support this heart transplant and cancer surgeon at the Brompton who have the best survival rates for their services and enjoys global rates for this type of surgery. There services in the heart units for both children and adults is being compromised by a NHS plan that their services at the Brompton should cease. They argue that it does not meet new national standards thus this hospital will be totally ruined

Why is this important?

This hospital serves adults and children from this country and from abroad due to its high reputation in heart surgery and has received the highest Order of merit, a most excusive civilian award. Order of Merit are chosen personally by the Queen. he Brompton has previously scuppered a previous attempt and one a High Court battle arguing the process was flawed. Why then would the NHS Executive who will rule on Thursday the fate of the Brompton by dismantling the highest quality heart care service in this country. This could result in an unforgivable act to dismantle the most important heart disease in Britain.

London UK

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