To: co-op managers

co-op donating food to food banks

co-op donating food to food banks

join my petition so I can ask local co-op's to donate food past the sell by date to local food banks.

Why is this important?

There is too much good food wasted and binned that could be donated to food banks the help struggling people in need of food
The amount of food that is put in bin each and every day is unbelievable. There are other supermarkets that are members of food sharing charities, all I am asking is that instead of throwing good food away why not donate it to local groups for food banks that are feeding the local community, after all co-op shops are aimed at the local communites to start with. I only started this petition when I realised how much money my local church was having to spend to buy food for the food bank that they run once a week. But yet every day I shop in co-op 5 minutes up the road and see food being reduced on the last day of the sell by date and if NOT sold a collection van comes to bin the leftover food. That being the case then the local community need to make shops more aware of this problem and stop food being wasted.

How it will be delivered

Once I have the support from members joining my petition I can put it to co-op management to start donating food they can no longer sell due to the 'sell by date' to food banks.


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