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To: Brent Council

Cyclehoop Bikehangars for Kensal Rise

Cyclehoop Bikehangars for Kensal Rise

Please install Cyclehoop bikehangars in Kensal Rise

Why is this important?

I cycle to work every day but storing my bike is a real problem. I used to lock it up outside my flat until it was stolen. Now I store it in my back yard which means carrying it through the flat both rain and shine.

There are many benefits to cycling - environmental, financial, health both physical and mental and just pure enjoyment. I know many more people would cycle but can’t due to:

living in a flat - don't have outside space/shed
have to carry your bike up/down stairs
want to start cycling but can't buy a bike as have no-where to store it
or don't have space for all your family's bikes

I have been trying to campaign to get Cyclehoop Bikehangars in the local area. I have seen them in other boroughs and I think they are great. I know a lot of you expressed a desire for them and either requested one via Cyclehoop, emailed our Local Concillor Matt Kelcher or e-mailed Brent Council

However to keep up the pressure and ensure you get one where you desire can you please sign this petition and state in the reasons for signing box where you would like one to be sited.

How it will be delivered

Once we have achieved sufficient support I will take the petition to Matt Kelcher so he can use it to back the case with Brent Council for us having bikehangars in Kensal Rise.

NW10 5AE

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Reasons for signing

  • I love to cycle and know many others would like to cycle too but have no where to securely store their bikes.


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