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To: Minister for transport Chris Grayling MP

Danger to sea-life from oil spills

04/12/18 We Won!

Controversial plans to transfer millions of tonnes of crude oil between tankers at the mouth of the Cromarty Firth – allegedly threatening dolphins and other marine life – have been scrapped.

The constituency MSP for the Black Isle praised the resilience of the Cromarty community after years of campaigning resulted in a neighbouring port authority abandoning plans for at-sea ship to ship oil transfers in the Moray Firth.

Despite being a coastal village with a population of just 700, well over 100,000 people signed an online petition organised by the Cromarty Rising campaigners concerned about the environmental risks if an oil spill were to occur.

The Cromarty and Moray Firths are home to bottlenose dolphins, harbour porpoises, mink whales as well as other marine and bird life.

Stop plans to allow ship-to-ship (STS) oil transfers in the Moray Firth

Why is this important?

The major thing that Scotland’s got is it’s stunning beauty, but you just know that someone’s going to make a mistake with this. When that happens, big business may suffer in their pockets, but it’s not their environment that’s going to suffer, it’s not their gills that will be full of oil.

We can get by without doing this, it’s riding roughshod over everyone and all of our wildlife in order to promote business.

Ships would be transferring oil at a rate of two tonnes per second and indiscriminate dumping of ballast waste endangers shellfish stock and wildlife including bottlenose dolphins, porpoise and seals.

Cromarty Firth

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