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To: Stafford Borough Council

Darlaston Inn ‘inappropriate’ development

Darlaston Inn ‘inappropriate’ development

We want Stafford Borough Council to decline this application

Why is this important?

This well known spot deserves a more well thought through development. The Market town of Stone needs more independent businesses to bring sites like these back to life, to bring local people together.

It does not need a corporate ‘service station’.

Several planning issues are associated with this proposed development.

- The property is in Green belt, and the over development will impact the openness which is unacceptable.
- It adjoins a conservation area, so again is highly inappropriate
- Road safety issues, multi stop, fast transactions from the centre of a busy roundabout. Will causes accidents and near misses for sure.
- Environmental impact due to increased litter from the site itself, and from cars leaving the site. There are also light pollution issues during the evening on local residents.
- Local economy, there are already two petrol stations within 1 mile (one within 1/2 a mile) and that excludes Morrisions. On top of the financial impact on those petrol stations, the council should be encouraging people to eat on Stone High street within local independent eateries that support local people. As is the policy!

Support local businesses, not service station eye sores with drive thru take always.

Meaford, Stone, Staffordshire

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Reasons for signing

  • For all the reasons stated.
  • Another petrol station? Not needed.
  • Litter will be a major problem if there is to be a fast food venue on the roundabout. The fly tipping and littering on the a34 is already a regular occurrence which encourages the deer out of the woods onto the dual carriage way


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