Darlington Memorial Hospital Donor Milk Bank

Darlington Memorial Hospital Donor Milk Bank

Please open a milk bank at your hospital.

Why is this important?

Darlington Memorial Hospital have started looking into opening up a milk bank - which is great news!

This would be the first and only milk bank in the North East of England and it would be a wonderful resource for all the mums who cannot breastfeed but do not wish to use formula milk.

The idea of setting it up has not been approved yet as it requires time. However, whilst the hospital carry out any necessary assessments, it's important that they hear from all kinds of people in the area who support this idea.

I've recently had my 6 month old daughter: as I wasn't making enough milk for her and obtaining donor milk wasn't an option, I had no choice but to use formula milk. I'm not on my own though. Many other mums, especially those with premature babies, also wish they could access donor milk.

Donating milk is safe as it involves procedures such as donor screening, a series of tests, pasteurising the milk, etc.


Reasons for signing

  • I threw out milk that I could of donated.
  • As I have wanted to donate a small amount before, but could not find anywhere close to home that took milk donations.
  • I believe that breast milk is the best start a child can have for healthy development


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