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To: UK government.

Declare NMC action unlawful and replace with an organisation fit for purpose.

Declare NMC action unlawful and replace with an organisation fit for purpose.

The government must reverse the Nursing and Midwifery Council decision on independent midwives and their indemnity product. Reverse the removal of supervision for midwives. Replace the NMC as regulator for midwifery with an independent organisation that is fit for purpose.

Why is this important?

Midwifery is a separate role from nursing. Both professions are unique in every way, from character of the role, all the way back to preregistration study. Midwives have a completely different way of working and totally different responsibilities. This has meant that an individual arrangement has always been necessary to ensure public safety, public health, support of women's choice and, of course, promoting the health of generations to come.

The NMC have, in one fell swoop, and ignoring the results of their own consultation, removed supervision, removed the need for a midwifery committee and declared that independent midwives have inadequate insurance to provide intrapartum (birth) care for their clients.

If an independent midwife has provided antenatal care, she may not now provide intrapartum care. If she attends the birth, the NMC have stated she will be struck off the register.

This action has resulted in many women suddenly being faced with the loss of the intimate and trusting relationship they have developed with their midwife. There is unlimited research proving that this model of care is the gold standard. The long term implications for the mental and emotional health of all those affected will be enormous. Any stress during pregnancy has the potential to affect fetal neurological development and maternal attachment and bonding.

Far from protecting the public, this decision is creating serious emotional and financial harm to women (including midwives) and their families.

In summary, the ultimate outcome of this action will lead to the downgrading of midwifery as a profession. This will result in a much higher level of maternal and infant death. (Look at the USA where midwifery has often been outlawed).

Act now to save midwifery before it is too late.

Reasons for signing

  • The NMC is protecting dangerous clinical staff that willfully cause harm to patients
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  • Women are having their rights and choices in childbirth forcibly removed from them.


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