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To: London Underground / TfL/ The Mayor

Defend the London Bridge three

Reinstate Lee Cornell and withdraw the punitive sanctions handed down to Dave Sharp and Saeed Sioussi

Why is this important?

Lee, Dave and Saeed responded to a call for asssitance from a pregnant colleague who was being assaulted by a fare evader.

The fare evader punched Lee Cornell twice in the head and stole his glasses.

London Underground failed to make good their commitment to their staff that anyone who abuses or assaults their staff will be pursued through the courts. Instead they turned on the staff and dismissed Lee Cornell and gave final warnings to Dave Sharp and Saeed Sioussi.

We are demanding those sanctions are over turned.


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We will be relentless
No justice
No peace
Defend the London Bridge three

2017-03-28 20:53:29 +0100

Demo to defend the London Bridge 3
Monday April 3 0800 - 0930 at London Bridge Stn

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