To: Manchester City Council

Demand Manchester City Council tackle antisocial parking & littering

Demand Manchester City Council tackle antisocial parking & littering

We want Manchester Council to implement parking restrictions around residential areas in Manchester to prevent dangerous and antisocial parking. Provide free permits and spaces for residents living in the centre and do more to support keeping our homes and enviornment healthy and happy.

Why is this important?

Parking in the centre of Manchester by commuters is causing obstructions, damage, dangers for pedestrians and emergency services and increasing the amount of litter in the area, thrown out of car windows and passsers by. A large amount of construction is occuring in the Ancoats area which is bringing more and more parking issues and litter with it. This issue extends to other areas such as Angel Meadow, Hulme and more.


Reasons for signing

  • Something should be done about littering and parking big problem all together
  • Everyone says Manchester is a vibrant city but there is not much pride by a large amount of residents.
  • Its dangerous !.


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