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To: Department of Transport

Disabled Access at Heaton Chapel Station, Stockport, Gt. Manchester.

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Phil Rowbotham
Disabled Access at Heaton Chapel Station, Stockport, Gt. Manchester.

1. Undertake an urgent feasibility study, and set out a business case to support the provision of new disabled access facilities that will make Heaton Chapel Station more accessible for disabled people.

2. Give Heaton Chapel Station greater priority to be urgently improved over all other less well used stations in Greater Manchester that are not compliant with current national legislation and design standards necessary to improve accessibility for disabled people and removing barriers to transport, in accordance with the Department for Transport “Railways for All”, March 2006.

The petition has been promoted by the Friends of Heaton Chapel Station (FofHCS) in its efforts to secure improvements and enhancements to the busiest two platform suburban station in Greater Manchester without disabled access (619,506 passengers buy tickets at Heaton Chapel Station every year).

Why is this important?

Generally 10% of the British population are disabled; consequently there will be many thousands of disabled people who are unable to access and use this busy railway station.

The existing straight ramps are dangerously steep at 1 in 8 [legally they should be less than 1 in 20 with relief landings]. Otherwise this busy station can only be accessed by 42 steps.

Heaton Chapel Railway Station, Stockport, Gt Manchester

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Reasons for signing

  • i use the station frequently but have to come back on the bus from manchester
  • A lift would be even better than improved ramps. Note that Hazel Grove (same number of passengers per year as Heaton Chapel) has lifts.
  • Have used this station many times and think it is disgraceful that access for disabled has not been improved.


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