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Why is this important?

Stephen Sowden a middle aged disabled man suffering with cancer has been banned from his local disabled sorts club. Stephen lives in the Harold Hill suburb of the London Borough of Havering has attended the Havering Disabled Sports Association since 2007 taking part in the sport of archery. In September last year Stephen was banned from this organisation for under very dubious circumstances. He asked to appeal the decision and was aided by a local campaigner and the hearing was held in a public environment which has been described as a Kangaroo court.
Since Stephen’s dismissal from the HDSA both the local authority who have financed this organisation unconditionally for a number of years and his local MP have refused to come to Stephens aid.
In a number of disturbing developments Stephen has been subject to threatening phone call’s first from an individual masquerading as a journalist from a national newspaper who tried to belittle his story and since this unsavoury incident has received a number of calls from if not the same another individual advising him their will be dire consequences if he continues to pursue having his membership re-instated.
This seems unbelievable in our country in 2016 that a disabled individual can still be subject to this kind of discrimination and intimidation belonging to a different era of countries history.
Please see below a statement from Stephen he made shortly after his membership was terminated:

"I have been a member of Havering Disabled sports association for many years and due to my Disabilities have had opportunities I would not have had without the transport and help provided. Three weeks ago I was informed my name had been taken of the transport list and I was not to attend the meetings. I eventually contacted one of the Committee in order to find out what had happened but got no information. Last week I got a letter telling me to attend a Committee meeting at the Broxhill centre if I wished to Discuss my situation. I replied to the letter stating that I would be happy to attend but would bring some one to help me and witness the meeting. This was agreed. I went expecting a meeting with the three committee members but was surprised to find that they intended to hold the meeting in front of all the members of the club with no privacy. They had it seemed decided to put me in front of a Kangaroo court and proceeded to ask me personal questions about my Health and private life. They had no evidence of any wrong doing only hearsay and accusations with out any substance. However one of the members stated that if I was to come back he would leave the club simply because he had not liked my attitude. I am at present expecting them to stop me attending the club. They have handled this in a very unprofessional way and have treated me with total disregard for my feelings. I am asking that if a Charity funded by the Council and its tax payers has to comply with any anti bullying regulations and if they are given funding for transport can they simply stop allowing me to use it. I have done nothing wrong and have been under a lot of strain lately having my original disability and having had two major operations for mouth cancer last year. I am still not able to eat solids and have problems speaking or writing due to the operations. If you are unable to help me can you point me to some one who can".

We as a group of campaigners and concerned citizens who live in the London Borough of Havering are demanding a proper enquiry into the reasons why Stephens membership was cancelled and will petition the HDSA to re-instate unconditionally Stephen’s membership .
All Stephen wants is to be able to continue his beloved sport of archery and get on with his life without intimidation and prejudice.
With best wishes.



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