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To: Michael Gove MP, Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

Display Carbohydrate value on front of all food packaging

Display Carbohydrate value on front of all food packaging

Prominently display total carbohydrate on the front of all food packaging.

Why is this important?

ALL carbs end up as sugar in our blood. To concentrate solely on 'sugars' (traffic-lighting) is misleading (and in some cases cruel) to many who strive for a healthy diet for themselves and their families. Clearly showing total carbs will help diabetics avoid serious complications. It may even guide the food industry to make ever better changes to prepared food. There is a growing low-carb movement (not just diabetics) as people are becoming aware of the links to weight management and other significant health benefits.

Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in the UK (I am reg blind as a result of diabetes retinopathy) and reading the carb value can be difficult enough (even for those with great vision) as the writing is often so tiny. In most cases I end up taking a picture so I can then zoom in. This is very frustrating.

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Reasons for signing

  • My fella has Type 2 . He has to be able to see the carbs value on everything he eats He's walking proof that hidden carbs have a massive impact on health.
  • Because it is very important to know how much carbohydrate is in the food they are buying. If someone who is diabetic is trying to control their carb intake, then this needs to be very clear as it is very confusing on some food labels. Lets make it clear to food manufacturers that the carbohydrate needs to be a lot clearer and on the front of the package in large print.
  • My son has Type 1 Diabetes. He has to count (total) carbohydrate for all food to work out how much insulin to give. At 13 he needs to learn to become independent with managing his diabetes whilst trying to lead as normal a life as possible. He needs to have regular carbohydrate for energy and growth, but needs to calculate this accurately to keep good control over his blood sugars and ultimately avoid long term complications. Total carbohydrate shown clearly on labels would be extremely helpful.


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