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To: Nestle and Kelloggs

Ditch plastic packaging

We call upon Nestle, Kelloggs and other breakfast cereal manufacturers to change all their plastic packaging for widely recyclable or, better still, a non-plastic environmentally friendly material.

Why is this important?

The UK breakfast cereal market is worth over £1.6 billion - that's a lot of boxes of cereal! Currently the vast majority of bags inside cereal boxes in the UK (and Worldwide) are not recyclable so they end up going in the bin and off to landfill. That's an awful lot of landfill and potentially a massive plastic pollution problem when those plastic bags end up in the wrong place, like in our rivers and seas.

Plastic packaging has been found intact after 47 years. During that time discarded plastics have had negative impacts on the health of our wildlife and ecosystems. At today's consumption rates, billions of cereal bags will be sent to landfill. Those which don't make it (either whole or as microplastics) end up being ingested by animals, fish or birds leading to their ill health and early death.


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