To: Tate Gallery

Demand Divestment at the Tate Gallery

Demand Divestment at the Tate Gallery

Demand the Tate gallery remove all association to BP in regards to sponsorship and promotion.

Why is this important?

For over 100 years the Tate gallery has displayed contemporary and traditional British, and contemporary international artists. It has become a cultural cornerstone in Britain's art scene and has a responsibility to defend the interests of the people to whom it represents and receives funding from.

As we face the greatest moral dilemma of our age, private and public institutions alike must take responsible actions on behalf of billions of people worldwide, present and future generations. The production and consumption of oil, coal and gas is not sustainable and will have devastating effects if left at its current monstrous rate:

As shown by The Guardian's 'Keep it in the Ground' campaign, dubbed 'the biggest story in the world' an estimated 1/3 of known oil reserves, 4/5 of coal reserves and 1/2 of gas reserves must be left untouched if we are to remain below an already dangerous 2 degree rise in global temperature.

The time to act is now. We must divest from these archaic, destructive institutions, and we must begin by showing them that they no longer have a place in this world if it is to remain habitable.

BP is still demanding that fines that are yet to be issued are cut due to a proposed lack of finances, and must be made to take responsibility for their actions.

Oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico and Azerbaijan are devastating symptoms of a greater, catastrophic disease, condemning the inhabitants of our planet to agricultural and financial collapse, fracturing an already fragile ecosystem on the brink of collapse.,32068,83190883001_1987392,00.html

It is an industry that you subsidize, an industry at the forefront of corporate lobbying, an industry that supports undemocratic trade 'agreements'. It is time to take a stand.

This is just one small step to the greatest of victories. Your comments, suggestions and actions are welcome. Thank you for visiting.

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  • To help save the environment.


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