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To: Theresa May

Do NOT deport non-EU migrant workers earning under £35000

Do NOT deport non-EU migrant workers earning under £35000

Please do not deport migrant workers who earn less than £35,000

Why is this important?

In 2012 Theresa May announced that from April 2016 non-EU migrant workers will be required to earn £35,000 to stay in the UK, even if they have lived and worked here for more than 5 years. This devastating new immigration rule must be stopped, as immigrants who have lived and worked in the UK for longer than 5 years should have the right to stay regardless of their income. We cannot allow this policy to happen, as it will split up families, jeopardise the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people and severely damage the economy. The Royal college of Nursing recently announced that this policy will cost the NHS MILLIONS because so many of it's nurses are non-EU migrants who earn under £35,000 and who will be deported under this policy. Recruiting new nurses will be time consuming and expensive, and will drain more of the money needed to save the NHS. Also, the average income for a UK born citizen is £26,600, so it is entirely unfair to deport immigrants who may earn more than the average UK born citizen, but less than £35,000. Please sign the petition to hopefully prevent this devastating policy from becoming reality.

Reasons for signing

  • This seems crazy! How many people will we lose? And who will fill the jobs they leave???
  • In may day to day life, I rely on skillful, wonderful non EU migrants to serve me in shops, teach my children. care for my parents, treat me in hospital, provide me with goods an services, entertain me...the list is endless. What an utterly pointless, abitrary piece of stupid legislation aimed at making all our lives harder, not easier. Fools.
  • I earn around £12,000 a year which is more in line with the national average wage not £26,600. So if this is the case we will lose a lot of good hard working people,. I wonder if Theresa May intends to step in and fill the gap.


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