To: Cornwall Council

Do not turn Hillside Park playing field, Bodmin, into a car park.

Do not turn Hillside Park playing field, Bodmin, into a car park.

In the strategic planning committee considerations to take place on 16th June, please councillors, in debating the Bodmin Jail development, do not allow Hillside Park playing field to be turned into a car park for hundreds of cars.

Why is this important?

It is the only public access sports area in West Bodmin. There is no indication they would replace it. Bodmin is already an air pollution management area. The traffic fumes in the area of the car park will remain at the bottom of the valley and increase the already existing air pollution problem.

Hillside Park, Bodmin, Cornwall

Reasons for signing

  • I'm not aware of the area but the land is obviously loved by the locals and I'm all for preserving natural beauty and land. Good luck with your petition x
  • I am not convinced the town needs to be turned into a carpark for the tourist trade. It would be a sad loss of open space for locals, many of whom don't even have cars to drive to other open space areas. Tourism has proliferated in Cornwall, but it still remains the poorest part of the UK, so I am not convinced Bodmin needs more tourism, that will damage our environment and give nothing back.
  • with so much childhood asthma we need our green areas .In devon and cornwall wild places are under threat playing fields are for our children's health especially because the long queue of traffic that arrives every summer adds more pollution.


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