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To: Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Education

Don't take women out of politics A-levels

UPDATE: 12/01/15 Campaign Win! The schools minister today announced that Feminism is to be reinstated in the politics syllabus and more women will be included in the course content!

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Please scrap plans to take feminism and women's political achievements out of the UK's politics A-level curriculum.

The achievements of women like those who made up the Suffragettes should be celebrated, not shoved to the back of our textbooks.

Why is this important?

The political history taught in schools is hugely biased towards the actions of men.

Shoehorning feminism and women's political achievements under the banner of "pressure groups" diminishes the important work women have done - and still are doing - to make politics more equal and representative.

The new curriculum plans to only include one woman in the list of key political thinkers students will study - and the entire Suffragettes movement will only be taught in a section on pressure groups.

Women have helped shape this world as much as men have and it's integral that we are recognised as political thinkers, as well as giving kids great female role models to look up to... whether they're boys, girls or anything else.

When we remove women from the syllabus we teach young people that women have no impact on politics. At a time when fewer than one in three MPs are female this is a dangerous message to give out.

The government has a responsibility to teach young men and women that every voice is important, not just the voices of those already in power. For the sake of the men and women of the future we need to hear about the women of the past.

Stop airbrushing women out of our history.


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