To: Kenny MacAskill, Cabinet Secretary for Justice

Donald Trump: Hand back stolen land

Donald Trump: Hand back stolen land

Dear Mr MacAskill

Do the right thing and force Mr Donald Trump to hand back the land he has stolen by force from the residents of Menie.

Why is this important?

The independent documentary that was screened on BBC 2, "You've been Trumped" made the case that land belonging to the residents of Menie has been stolen by Donald Trump by way of forceably taking over land that does not legally belong to him.

The documentary showed the bullying tactics that were used and that the local council, Grampian Police force and the Scottish Government allowed this to happen without any intervention.

Nobody, regardless of how much money or influence they may have, should be allowed to forceably take over anybodies land or property.

Balmedie, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • cause he's a trampy McTrampface
  • And give Gibraltar back to Spain and northern Ireland back to Ireland.
  • I have no religious convictions, but one thing is certain, this man is dangerous and needs to be stopped in his tracks.