To: Richard Drax (MP), Michael Tomlinson (MP)

Dorset Against School Cuts (DASC)

Dorset Against School Cuts (DASC)

Every Dorset child has a right to a good, well-funded school.

We call on you, our elected representatives, to fight to reverse all cuts to Dorset Schools.

Why is this important?

Dorset currently face cuts in real terms of £4.2 million by 2020, equivalent to the loss of 111 teachers.

129 of 162 Dorset schools are facing cuts by 2020.

This will mean our children face the loss of talented teachers, dedicated teaching assistants, specialist support staff, enrichment activities and even adequate equipment in classes.

Additionally, these cuts will mean our children face a narrower curriculum, delivered with growing class sizes, possibly without a qualified teacher in the room.

Dorset is a diverse county with children coming from a range of rural and urban settings, with many backgrounds and abilities. All of these children deserve to have their needs met so that they can achieve all that they can.

These cuts will deprive our children of a bright future which should be theirs.


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Reasons for signing

  • The future prosperity and welfare of all citizens relies on well educated people. If we sell our children short we are condemning our country to becoming poorer.
  • My children's future
  • Education helps people understand the meaning of life and its beauty .


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