To: Spurgeons 0-5 Playgroup

Downton Little Learners

Downton Little Learners

Spurgeons currently hold only one group at Downton aimed at children aged 0-5 years. The group is unfortunately ending on 16th October and we can only guess due to it not being advertised enough and Downton being a small area.
Although, there are a handful of mums and children that attend every week that enjoy it and will miss it.
We're a group of mothers that would love to save a playgroup that we and our children enjoy.

Why is this important?

- We all feel this is an important group to save as there are not many other groups in Downton.
- Some mums that attend the group do not drive so the need to keep this group is vital to some.
- As this group is from ages 0-5 it targets a lot of parents.
- Groups like this can help Mums and their children to make new friends and grow more confident.
- Groups like these can help many people in different ways and we all feel this is a group to be saved for that reason.

Downton, Salisbury

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