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To: Westminster Council, South Planning Team.

Duke of Westminster's destruction of a historic timber yard in London

Duke of Westminster's destruction of a historic timber yard in London

Dear Westminster City Council, please stop the destruction of a historic 175 year old timber yard and six surrounding galleries.

Why is this important?

The wealthiest Englishman in this country, the Duke of Westminster, whose property company, the Grosvenor Estate, made half a billion pounds gross profit in their last financial year, want to redevelop six small independent galleries on the Pimlico Road, London, two of which have been trading from the same galleries for 50 years between them. The proposed redevelopment will oust many from their homes, demolishing their small 19th century galleries, retaining the facades, to create three vast showrooms by incorporating a 175 year old timber yard, the last remaining timber yard from the early Victorian period still in use today for its intended purpose.

Please see attached articles:


World Of Interiors article on the Timber Yard by Phillip Davies 'Logging the Past' October 2015


How it will be delivered

We will deliver our signatures and letters of objection for the attention of The South Planning Team, Westminster. Once a planning application has been applied for early 2016.

Pimlico Road, London SW1W 8NE

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Reasons for signing

  • Pimlico Road needs to remain unique and retain its history. These individual shops should not lose out for greed.
  • I'm tired of seeing London turned into one large luxury flat that are bought by overseas buyers for investment purposes only.
  • By demolishing the timber yard and creating vast units the type of business - and eclectic nature - of Pimlico Road will be radically changed. The charm of this area lies in the individuality of the businesses.


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