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To: Dear David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg


You accept the ARMS TRADE hoping it will bring greater employment and wealth to the UK. You are prepared to permit the sale of weapons systems to almost any country, hoping voters here will not dwell upon the real cost.

"Campaign Against Arms Trade", "Pax Christi", "Amnesty" and "The Iona Community" (Google them) point out the true cost. The Arms Trade undermines a nation's moral integrity. It wastes lives and resources and spreads suffering and misery.

This petition aims to show you there is greater concern over this issue than you imagine. Those who have signed it oppose the sale of arms for profit. They are not complacent or in denial. The sale of arms cannot be in their name.

Many who have read this open letter to you have have spread the word to their friends and neighbours by forwarding this link and many have signed the petition themselves:

I hope your party will one day gain great respect by ending the arms trade. There is almost certainly greater employment and wealth to be created when industry meets the demand for sustainable energy and all production responds to the implications of global warming.

Why is this important?

Self evident to anyone with a conscience


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