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To: Secretary of State for Health, Secretary of State for Justice, Local Councils, Medical Professionals, the Media and the General Public

End the shame and stigma for survivors of domestic, mental, physical and sexual abuse

End the shame and stigma for survivors of domestic, mental, physical and sexual abuse

Ensure that survivors of abuse have the support they need by talking about abuse openly, to help remove the stigma and shame. Also by providing guidance on the process to report the crime to the police, and by providing clear information for survivors to be able to seek the help they need, including contact details for relevant organisations.

Why is this important?

Abuse in all its forms is largely a silenced issue. It's estimated that up to 20% of adults have been abused at some point in their lives - yet we never hear these stories because people are too frightened or ashamed to come forwards.

Abuse survivors have to live with the trauma of abuse as though it is still happening to them in the here and now, living with a range of issues including mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and PTSD, flashbacks, trust issues, even an inability to go on and have healthy relationships. Some may develop dangerous coping mechanisms such as alcoholism and drug addiction.

Perhaps on some level, society thinks if we never discuss it, it doesn't exist.

But we do need to talk about it. We need to talk about it so that survivors can talk about it without fear and get the help they need. What has happened to them is NOT their fault, yet they are living with the repercussions and it has affected every aspect of their life.

I speak from personal experience, having been the victim of abuse myself. I never spoke out about my experiences due to fear and shame, feeling that I would be judged or treated differently if I came forward. It took me many years to get the courage to speak to someone and begin to deal with the events that had happened, and the effects they had on me and my life.

I want to remove that shame and stigma, I want us to talk openly about abuse - it happens everyday! We need to be open about it, accept it, and help survivors to come forward and get the help they need.

This petition will be delivered to:

Secretary of State for Health
Secretary of State for Justice
It will also be sent to all UK local councils, general media, medical professionals and made available to the general public.

Thank you for your support.

Useful Links

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Domestic Abuse Statistics - Living With Abuse (

Child Abuse Statistics - NSPCC (

Statistics on childhood abuse - Office for National Statistics (


If you need help or support to deal with any abuse you have suffered, please visit these sites. If you are having suicidal or worrying thoughts, please call 999 or speak to The Samaritans on 116 123.

Rape Crisis (
Women's Aid (
Samaritans (
National Association for People Abused in Childhood (

How it will be delivered

Once we reach the required number of signatures I will email all the relevant people with the petition.

Reasons for signing

  • There needs to be continued education and advertising campaigns to keep the spotlight on domestic abuse and the survivors and their children. Teach children how to communicate positively with others from an early age and reject abusive relationships- and influence a cultural and social shift in UK attitudes. Support survivors .Expose perpetrators - they are the ones who should suffer the stigma .
  • I believe that anyone who has been the victim of abuse should be able to come forward and get support for what they have been through.


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