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To: Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport

Ensuring Personal Privacy and Sexual Freedom

Ensuring Personal Privacy and Sexual Freedom

We are calling for a Joint Committee on Sexual Liberty to update our out-dated “obscenity” laws in order to protect personal privacy and guarantee consensual adult sexual freedom.

Why is this important?

PERSONAL PRIVACY: The Digital Economy Bill currently before Parliament will introduce compulsory age verification without guaranteeing privacy protections for subscribers. This omission risks users’ personal details and private sexual preferences being exploited for commercial gain and/or leaked into the public domain.

SEXUAL FREEDOM: Consensual adult sex should not be outlawed, yet this Bill will prohibit the publication of depictions of sexual activities that are legal to perform. This Bill imposes a financial burden on free, amateur and niche commercial websites, affecting sexual minorities by denying them from freely expressing their sexuality.

Reasons for signing

  • damn control freaks!!!
  • I am absolutely disgusted by this government and their Whitehouse-era attempts at censoring and policing the internet. It absolutely boggles the mind how they think banning porn or putting it behind a paywall of some kind and criminalising people for posting images online is going to do anything whatsoever to make this country a safer place. If I had the money I would have left this land behind long ago and lived somewhere at least a little less boneheaded on these things.
  • Keep access to things people want, need and love. So many people want freedom, choice and not to be discriminated against, yet here a few are trying to push this particular aspect of our individual lives, back into medieval times. What's next, burning those that don't comply ???


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