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To: Her Majestys Government (The UK Government).

Equal pay for Women.

Urge the UK government to pass a law/act which forces all Companies, businesses and employers within the UK, Northern ireland and its Territories to pay equal wages to staff employed in the same job role regardles of their gender. The Government must end the pay gap and allow women and men doing the same job to be paid the same wage. Sexism should not be tolerated in modern day Britain so why should wages differ between the genders.

Why is this important?

In the modern, equal and fair Britain of 2016 it is more important than ever that everyone no matter who they are or what gender they may be have equal and fair opportunities regarding work. Britain is a diverse land of many races, religions, sexual preferences and opinions. In the UK we are striving on a whole for equality in all aspects of our lives. So many barriers which once stopped groups of people from having equal opportunities have now been demolished. Yet still there is the pay gap between men and women.

Around 90% of job roles in the UK pay men more than women for the same job title. If this is not inequality then its difficulty to comprehend what is. Our head of state; The Queen is a female. Our new post-Brexit Prime Minister; Theresa May is a female and more then ever women are diversifying in their job roles and taking on what was once viewed as "mens jobs". But still the employers of this once great country continue to underpay the hard working women of the UK in comparison to men. If true equality is to be brought upon us and a fair society secured then we must end this (for lack of a better term) sexist scourge on our country.

If you believe in feminism, equality, or just empowering the government to make a positive change then please do sign this petition. If you have a mother, sister, girlfriend, auntie or female friend then why not provide them with the equal right to a decent wage just as much as men?


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