To: Mr. Ajoy K. Misra Managing Director, Tata Teas Global CEO

Eradicate plastic from tea-bags

Eradicate plastic from tea-bags

Remove all traces of plastic, specifically polypropylenes, from tea-bags and similar tea 'delivery packages' in their UK products.

Why is this important?

Although there are some brands who make plastic-free bags, Tetleys tea bags - Britain’s biggest tea bag manufacturer - contain 25% plastic. That level of plastic is considered the industry norm. (

An estimated 2,500 tonnes of plastic enters British urban ecosystems each year due to the plastic hidden in tea-bags. As highlighted in David Attenborough's Blue Planet, plastic pollution is eaten by fish and other wild animals, damaging their digestive systems and entering the food chain in large quantities. All through plastic hidden in the tea bags we’re using for our cuppas."

Reasons for signing

  • Many people put there teabags into garden compost to recycle in the best way. Plastic prevents them decomposing so the bag must now go into landfill, the worst way to dispose.


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