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To: The EU and member states + U.K

URGENT DEMAND - All EU States Must Set Up a Humanitarian Fund for the Current Refugee Crisis

To establish a Humanitarian Fund through a New Specially Targetted Tax of 5% additional revenue off European citizens earning more than €50,000 per annum.
To use additional revenue specifically for the resolution of the migrant crisis by having an EU Development Fund to initiate infrastructure projects in the migrants home countries and in the border countries where migrants are grouping to ensure their long term safety, nutrition, health , education, training and transport to appropriate host countries in a planned programme of negotiated resettlement.

Why is this important?

The rising death toll due to the unscrupulous methods used by traffickers and the daily scenes of unacceptable border treatment of vulnerable migrants.


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2015-08-23 13:10:07 +0100

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