To: South Tyneside Council

Fight for our Fields

Fight for our Fields

Stop the plans to sell off Brinkburn School Playing Fields for Housing.

Why is this important?

All over Britain cash strapped local authorities are selling off playing fields to companies for housing to be built.

South Tyneside is no exception. Our green spaces are vanishing. South Tyneside has one of the lowest amounts of green space in the country. 46% of south tyneisde is built on comapred to a 6% national average. Our school plyaing fields and leisure facilities are important to our wellbeing.

Brinkburn School Community fields are essential to the survival of a lot of grass roots sport in South Shields.

The fields are used by Football, Rugby, Athletics, Archery and more and are an essential resource to ensure local people of all ages have the opportunity to stay active and healthy.

Support our campaign to save these playing fields; we need them now and as an investment in all of our futures.

South Shields

Reasons for signing

  • So I can save the land
  • Local rugby club use facilities and the fields and it creates interest from surrounding homes


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