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To: Lewisham council

Find a home for Community kitchen

Find a home for Community kitchen

Give the DPP community kitchen a community space after pushing for their eviction from a local authority community centre. We currently use donated food to cook and serve a healthy free meal to around 40 local rough sleepers, homeless, elderly and families in need. We have been doing this outside since July and now the weather has changed we are desperate to find a space to offer our free service.

Why is this important?

Our kitchen is non funded completely volunteer run and serves over 40 homeless, isolated and vhuranable people a week for free. We have build relationships with business who donate food. We have created relationships with people who are on the outskirts of our society. We have continued & will continue to offer communtiy on the street but we fear we will lose our homeless members of we can't provided a warm dry place to eat together.

Deptford, London

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Reasons for signing

  • Because my friend benji has been taking part in this regularly, although he is a really busy guy and dad, he still manages to put the effort in, to make this world a better place. Wanna help? Sign it!
  • I work for a homeless charity in South London; community services are a lifeline to a lot of people; not just homeless people, you have my and many other peoples respect.
  • We are not doing enough to protect our vulnerable and homeless people. I once worked in Oman: the ruler there sees to it that NO ONE is homeless! I find it bizarre that the British allow and tolerate homelessness when there are so many empty buildings which could be developed or opened up. Why aren't local parks at night given over to housing the homeless in tents which could be monitored and they could receive help? A sad indictment of our society homelessness.


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