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To: Bear Scotland, Argyll and Bute Council, Local Mps, transport Scotland

Fix The A83 road Surface and pretty much every other road In Argyll and Bute

Fix The A83 road Surface and pretty much every other road In Argyll and Bute

Fix the A83, and in all honesty, all the other roads in Argyll and Bute that are dangerously close to becoming dirt tracks and will be the cause of accidents and death. It is quite frankly, pure luck if you travel this road without bursting a tyre, damaging your car and/or crashing. Something needs to be done, and Done Now.

Why is this important?

For everyone living, working and commuting in argyll and bute, the A83 is a very large part of it. But the state of it needs fixing ASAP before people start to needlessly die as a result. It may sound a bit harsh but it is the truth. Even the road outside my house has 6 potholes in it, which is just a fraction of the total amount on fairly small road. The A83 is over 100 miles of running a gauntlet. The Government have already stated that they are going to reduce the budget for road repairs over the coming years when we still have over £1 billion back log of repairs. I have personally almost died on this treacherous road and I have lost count of how many accidents have happened. It is now at a point where something needs to be done before incidents occur that could have been avoided. We need as many signatures as possible to get this to Parliament and a minimum of 10,000. Lets make the difference


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Reasons for signing

  • Because this road is our lifeline to the rest of the country and it's a disgrace.
  • Condition of A82 between Tarbet and Ardlui
  • For work I ride my 125cc bike from Helensburgh to Campbeltown and Oban. Trust me ,I have more than enough to stress over with lorries, cars and coaches without the added problems the bad roads cause


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