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Force Hospitals to stop blocking access to medicinal cannabis

Force Hospitals to stop blocking access to medicinal cannabis

We want the Government to step in and stop Hospitals/Hospital Trusts from blocking access to Medicinal Cannabis. On June 18th a government panel was announced in order to give access for people in need of Medicinal Cannabis! To date not a single person, outside of the the 3 children who all had to travel abroad, have got access to Medicinal Cannabis.

The proposed schedule change to move Medicinal Cannabis products to Schedule 2 is due this Autumn, but if Hospitals across the UK continue blocking Medicinal Cannabis like they have done to date, then this change will be irrelevant!

We thank the Government for their part to date with this subject, but it can't stop at a job half done!

The Government health department must step in and give direction and implement guidelines which must be followed. We acknowledge that the understanding is poor from Clinician's regarding Medicinal Cannabis, but this should not be an excuse for ignorance and a reason not to prescribe Medicinal Cannabis and simply block people from achieving much needed access.

The Government must collaborate with countries like Canada and understand how to implement this medicine before it is too late for lots of people across the UK.

Why is this important?

This is extremely important as children and adults continue to suffer across the UK without help from Hospitals.

Children with life threating seizures are battling to stay alive. Instead of Medicinal Cannabis, they are on heavy sedative medications which are killing them and offer no quality of life to the child and quite often simply do not work.

People are suffering from chronic pain in conditions such as Terminal Cancer and get little to no relief from traditional pharmaceutical drugs which sedate them and often have extremely bad side effects.

People with Multiple Sclerosis find no comfort from traditional pharmaceutical medications and have found Medicinal Cannabis to change their quality of life.

And many many other illnesses can be helped by the use of this medication!

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • I have Fibromyalgia, canabis would mean I could come off all my other medications with all their side effects, that don't even work properly. I would be able to work full-time again.
  • I’m an ex heroin addict they say weed is a gateway drug the first drug I used was nicotine then alcohol the biggest killers by far weed had no part in the road I took to become a junky but it helped me get clean and sober and I don’t even smoke now but I know the good it can do!!! #freetheweed
  • I have DLBCL and I’m in constant pain. I also believe cannabis can help kill cancer cells


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