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To: HM Government Honours Commiittee

Nominate the Hillsborough campaigners for a national honour.

Give a National Honour to all members of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign.

Why is this important?

An injustice against all the 96 people who died was inflicted upon the bereaved families.

Their efforts to bring out the truth behind the deaths has been heroic, persistent and unbelievably difficult.

They deserve public recognition of their service to British justice.

Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield

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Reasons for signing

  • Margaret Thatcher was one evil and stupid woman.
  • I worked in the tv dept in Lewis's Liverpool department store and watched the disaster unfold. It was horrible and unforgettable. For Justice to finally be served gladdens my heart and restores some of the faith that I lost in British justice.
  • because we all knew their was a cover up and that it came from the top but we where proved right


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