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To: Kent County Council

Fracking: KCC must consult the people of Kent

Fracking: KCC must consult the people of Kent

The default position taken by Kent County Council is to grant planning permission for activities such as fracking.
We strongly object to the presumption by KCC that the people of Kent approve of this policy. We demand a full and open consultation, and a default position that fracking companies will be denied planning permission until such a consultation has been conducted.

Why is this important?

KCC’s Proposed modifications to the Kent Minerals and Waste Local Plan (MWLP) 2013-30. state that subject to certain conditions, planning permission will be granted for proposals associated with the exploration, appraisal and development of oil, gas and unconventional hydrocarbons.
This blanket approach ignores the inherent risks of fracking which have been well documented around the world. The dangers are real and critical.
Consultation on the subject has been buried in obscurely worded documents that will have successfully slipped below the radar of most of the residents of Kent. This is not an acceptable democratic approach. KCC must ensure they represent the views of the residents and land-owners of Kent before permitting any fracking activity to take place on Kentish soil.


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Reasons for signing

  • Fossil fuels are an outdated source of energy and we should not even consider extracting any more due to the climate change impacts. In addition, we should not risk the potential detrimental effects of fracking on Kent's aquifers, which are the source of drinking water for most of Kent's residents.
  • The local impact of fracking, which may need thousands of wells per field, is woefully underappreciated by decision-makers.
  • Greed, why does it come before people's well being and wildlife!!where is democracy in this country now!!


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