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To: Shepway District Council

FREE Parking on Princes Parade

FREE Parking on Princes Parade

SDC have ignored the ploy of its residents to keep princes parade free to park. SDC need to make Princes Parade free to park, listen to its residents and do what it should as government, listen to the people and govern accordingly!

Why is this important?

Shepway is fast becoming a tourist location that is popular for many. For us who live here, the beaches and canal are the places we go for leisure, for exercise, for stress relief, to enjoy and the council are taking that away from us. We should be able to enjoy this area without paying! Not only are they charging, they have put the machines the opposite side of the road, a danger waiting to happen.
Sign this petition, show support and let us put pressure on these councillors!

Shepway District

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Reasons for signing

  • Because SDC are changing what has always been custom and practice for locals to use the beach and surrounds.
  • I use to be a local, and hope one day to be again. I use to drive down with our bikes then we'd cycle along the sea front, have a picnic etc. Locals should not have to pay!
  • I'm local, have been bringing my children to this stretch of beach since they were born, we shouldn't have to pay to visit it now just so the council can line their pockets.


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