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Free University for Medical Students

Free University for Medical Students

We need more Doctors and Nurses. We must address this urgently to ensure this isn't an ongoing issue in 5-10 years time. A decision is needed that offers FREE University fees for Medical students if they sign up to a minimum of 5 years NHS work.

Why is this important?

It has been announced there is a worrying shortage of Doctors and Nurses to ensure the NHS can continue to operate. Currently we are bringing people from overseas but failing to encourage our own to study Medicine.
The cost of going to University is a big ask of anyone thinking of taking up a career that will not reap rewards for many years. For Nurses it is even harder as they will not get to be in the higher paid salary bands of top Surgeons.
In return all students must commit once qualified to a minimum of 5 years working within the NHS. This ensures the taxpayers investment in their careers has a satisfactory return and we all see a properly staffed NHS for the future.


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