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To: Prime Minister Theresa May and Health Minister Matt Hancock

Fund the completion of the new Royal Liverpool Hospital

This campaign has ended.

Please commit to funding the completion of the new Royal Liverpool Hospital.

Why is this important?

When construction company Carillion went bust earlier this year, work on our new hospital stopped. Right now people in Liverpool are without the world-class healthcare they were promised. Now we need the government to step in and finish the job. We need some joined up working on this, not political posturing.

We currently have a half completed state of the art hospital standing empty while patients are being treated and cared for in the old hospital. Witnessing how our existing facilities continue to be patched up to provide as decent a service as possible, it becomes more apparent that the make do and mend approach is no longer workable. A new 'almost complete' facility is only several hundred meters away.

A conversation I had with members of staff this week highlights how frustrated they are at the lack of progress and how difficult it is to explain temporary change to many patients, particularly the elderly.

All we want is what was promised, a clean, safe hospital fit for the 21st century. The Government have announced they will fund the completion of the failed Carillion build hospital in the Midlands, they should do the same for the people of Liverpool too. A coordinated approach to funding and completing the building needs to be a priority for the Government.


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This latest from Sky News, if this is correct would be fantastic news . Lisa.

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Latest from the BBC website:

2018-09-13 16:04:06 +0100

This is the latest update from the Liverpool echo. Looks like what happens on the 30th September is pretty crucial.
Joe Anderson the Mayor of Liverpool has tweeted about the problem of the new hospital and has called a meeting on the 20th Sept at the Friends meeting house. Details here:
If you can get along that would be great.
Thanks for the support. Keep up the good work everyone. Alastair

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