To: Nottinghamshire County Council

Funding for Leahurst Road Preschool

Funding for Leahurst Road Preschool

Leahurst Road Preschool recently applied for an allocation of funds from Nottinghamshire’s Local Improvement Scheme. Despite following the correct process to receive these important funds, the preschool has been overlooked by Nottinghamshire County Council. We hope to have them review this decision and support the work the preschool is doing to help young children in our community.

Why is this important?

Leahurst Road Preschool is largely funded by charitable donations, so the improvements needed cannot happen without support from external funding, such as the Local Improvement Scheme.
The funds applied for were in part to pay for access to speech therapy within the preschool setting. For some children this is vital developmental support to ensure a confident and worry-free start to school.
A separate application was made for a covered area outside to enable our children to play and learn outside in all weather. Being outdoors promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, and exposes the children to nature and the world around them. Many children learn best through active movement, but this is limited in the winter months particularly without access to a covered play area.


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