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To: Welsh Assembly, Welsh government

Protect Wales’ National Parks

Protect Wales’ National Parks

Please put safeguards in place to make sure that our national parks are protected for future generations.

Why is this important?

The Welsh Assembly and the Welsh government are considering plans to change how national parks are looked after. But the plans are missing crucial protections that would safeguard Wales’ natural beauty for future generations.

Wales is full of breathtaking natural parks, places such as Snowdonia which we all cherish. That’s why we want the Sandford principle retained as an ultimate safeguard so that, when there is an unresolvable conflict of purposes, conservation has the higher priority. We need to insist on full public consultation for any proposed changes to the purposes of National Parks.For more information, feel free to visit the Snowdonia Society and Save National Parks websites.

Snowdonia National Park

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Reasons for signing

  • It's really important that there are safeguards that can't be circumvented: there's always a "good reason" for this or that development or enhancement. Individually these can be good meaning but they quickly add up to a lost national resource. This has happened to many of our parks and open spaces, it must not happen to the national parks. The Welsh government should create a legal status that is binding for ever.
  • Our precious parks and open spaces must NEVER put in jeapardy by any politicians who only have short term policies and ignore any impact on our heritage and legacy for future generations!
  • So future generations have the same access to our beautiful countryside


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