To: British Airways CEO

Get British Airways to remove the Daily Mail as a free newspaper on flights

Get British Airways to remove the Daily Mail as a free newspaper on flights

Remove free copies of the Daily Mail on British Airways Flights.

Why is this important?

It is ironic that our National Carrier gives out a paper which is so xenophobic and critical of most things that are not home grown. What must many of the overseas visitors think of some of the anti-european and other headlines that they read when flying into the UK. All British Airways is doing is keeping up the sales levels of a newspaper that could not be objective if it tried to be and one that then has the hypocrisy to question the integrity of the BBC.

Reasons for signing

  • Katie Hopkins comments were copied verbatim in a note to a Muslim with the addition of the word 'cockroaches'. When expressing my sympathy on TellMamaUK I have received horrible comments calling me unpatriotic, racist, deluded etc. So I thought I'd see if the language used by the people in these messages to me might also come from Hopkins. And they do.
  • How can BA continue to defend handing out a publication on its flights which so blatantly embraces racism, and today, shocking sexism?
  • The Daily Mail is a newspaper at the far right of the political spectrum. The poor quality of its journalism is also shocking - it was for example banned by Wikipedia as a reliable source in February of this year. The Mail's views are often extreme and it should not be endorsed by BA.


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