To: Ikea

Get dangerous malm drawers recalled in the UK

Get dangerous malm drawers recalled in the UK

To recall the chest of drawers in the Malm range. These are not safe unless attached to the wall. They have been recalled in USA after 8 children are now known to have been killed. Drawers are often sold second hand and without the original instructions, making the end consumer unaware of the threat these drawers cause, and what harm they could do!

Why is this important?

I have just seen yet another post on social media of a child very badly injured after these drawers have fallen on them. Luckily the child escaped this time, however how many more children need to be injured or even to loose their life, before these dangerous drawers are recalled worldwide!

Reasons for signing

  • Astonished they were not recalled!
  • My friends son got trapped these are dangerous.
  • My poor friend's son got trapped by the unit


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