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Get rid of benefits fraud hot line

Get rid of benefits fraud hot line

Dismantle the hotline used to report ' fraud '.

Why is this important?

Fraud only accounts for 0.7% of benefits claims, ( whilst society believes it to be closer to 30% ) The excellent film, I, Daniel Blake, accounts accurately people's experience of this system of conscious cruelty, further it perpuates the myth that those in receipt of social security claims are ( almost by default) potentially thieves. Compliance officers from the dwp make their living from such hotline calls, but the majority of investigations are found to be due to malicious calls from neighbours. The cost of running this hotline is far more substantial than the small minority caught. ( only £50 per person ) The government could then put this money into areas of social security or care where it's needed. The entire process is distressing and costly to the uk tax payer. Please stop this and help to end the myth of ' benefit fraud ' . This hotline is also free to call, unlike the 55p charge per minute it costs on a mobile to make a claim. It’s proof of the way this government unfairly targets and seeks to stigmatise the sick and vulnerable.

Reasons for signing

  • It encourages misuse of the system and if it's kept then there needs to be accounting for those who use it merely as a tool for vengeance without substance.
  • This hotline is merely a tool for targeting vulnerable people - spiteful types can use it to cause trouble for their neighbours - the government know this, and exploit it by leaking scrounger stories to the press! The increasing spite and nastiness in this country is seriously disturbing, and I really hope that we can turn away from this dark path we are being led down by the Tories!


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We need to really get this campaign out, thank you for positive feedback and excellent messages left !

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