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To: Tim Farron MP John Bercow speaker HoC Lord Beith Lord Maclennan of Rogart-Constitution Committee

Give right to vote for EU citizens

Give right to vote for EU citizens

3m EU citizens live and work in the UK. We pay taxes; MPs’ salaries come from our taxes as well. We would like to have the right to vote on the person who represents us in Westminster. We proved during local elections we want to be involved in political decision in UK- our new home. We voting, we standing, we want to decide what will be the best for our society.

Why is this important?

Dear friends,

It is very important for me and my EU friends. That’s why I am asking you for sign and shared that petition with yours friends:
In last week I sent that petition to all MPs, most of members of House of Lords and MEPs. And you can do that as well. More emails they will receive, more pressure they will feel. Some of them signed that petition, some of them sent me warm email back. I believe Brexit will not happen that’s why our future is in our hands. We can make British election more equal, more fair, but we have do it together, by keeping pressure to our MPs, local councillors, local party leaders. They have to listen us. EU citizens are important part of society and we would like to be treat fair. Currently election system excluding important part of society- EU citizens. We working with you and we are part of that country, which we are building with rest of citizens- not apart.

Some MPs thinking about us and rise that issue few times already. It is worth to fight for that.

During one of debate in Westminster Peter Grant MP said:
On app. 10:36:20
(..)I received a message from someone I did not know called Slawek Fejfer. When I saw the Polish spelling, I wondered whether it was a pseudonym, because I thought it was somebody who lived in Fife. He asked me particularly to raise the fact that Polish nationals do not have the right to vote in most UK elections. I was pleased to be able to remind him that EU nationals can vote in elections that are under the control of the Scottish Government, and I sincerely hope that all the elections in the United Kingdom will soon follow suit, because it seems to me that we do not vote for what or where we have been, but for where we want to go together. It is only right that those who have chosen to make their future part of our future should have a full say in that future.
I checked up to find out whether Slawek’s was a genuine name. Not only did I find that it is genuine; apparently he lives in a place called Shrewsbury—I have never heard of that place before. I hope his constituency MP, the hon. Member for Shrewsbury and Atcham (Daniel Kawczynski), is listening to his concerns and will support his demand that he and his family should have the right to vote—possibly for the sitting MP—next time the opportunity comes along.(..)

I grow up in country where my ancestors had to fight for freedom, equality, democracy many times. Lots of time they paid the highest price for that, their life. Today we have social media, we can make changes in peaceful way.
With your help we can make Britain great again. More open, fairer, not dividing peoples for second class citizens.

Yours sinceraly

Slawomir Adam Fejfer

How it will be delivered


Reasons for signing

  • Everyone one who is affected by this fascist take over must be allowed to vote. Everyone in the UK and every British citizen wherever their search for work took them
  • More important than ever that EU citizens know they are welcomed and valued in all of the countries that make up the UK
  • It's important for everyone to sign who is living in the UK.


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Short explanation- why?

For all Poles. I am only bilingual, not like Nick Clegg..

What is worth to fight for rights:

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