To: UK Supermarkets & Food Retailers

GM Free food for Humans & Animals

A Message to UK Supermarkets & food Retailers:

We the undersigned want you to supply food which is free of Genetically Modified Organisms

We want you to supply meat, fish, eggs and dairy products from animals fed a non-GM diet

We don’t want transgenic DNA in the human food supply chain. Not anywhere. Not ever

We want you to source animal products from animals that are fed a natural, wholesome diet which is not Genetically Modified in any way

We say No to GM ingredients, derivatives, enzymes and animal feed

We say Yes to clear labelling about Exactly what’s in our food and we demand labels on animal products fed a Genetically Engineered diet

If you want us to buy food from you then listen to us & tell your suppliers

Why is this important?

“We are confronted with the most powerful technology the world has ever known, and it is being rapidly deployed with almost no thought whatsoever to its consequences.” — Dr Suzanne Wuerthele, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) toxicologist

GM foods have not been shown to be safe to eat
No long term human feeding studies have been done. Ever. There is Zero evidence that demonstrates GM food, or produce derived from GM fed animals is safe for humans to eat. Food Standards Authorities are ignoring their own, and independent scientific research and failing to acknowledge numerous studies which prove GM food and animal feed is definitely not ‘substantially equivalent’ and is in fact, potentially un-safe for human and animal consumption. UK and European food standards agencies are failing the public by relying on biased, short term data from the companies who manufacture GM crops & animals and stand to benefit financially and commercially from regulators turning a blind eye.

Biotech-Accidents Happen
We don’t want to be a GM feeding experiment especially in light of 2012 European food safety research documenting how a biotech “accident happened” After years of GM crops being on the market, a viral gene with serious potential to harm human health has been ‘discovered’ in 54 commercially available GM crops. Apparently, this was an ‘unintended accident.’ New genes and gene products, mostly from bacteria, viruses and other non-food species are being introduced. There is potential for transgenes, viruses & antibiotic resistance markers to spread out of control causing damaging & un-intended consequences to humans, animals and the environment.

Independent scientific research has shown GM foods to cause tumour growth, damage the reproductive system & digestive tract and detrimentally affect the liver and kidneys of animals fed a GM diet. Research in 2012 demonstrated that rats fed GM maize died prematurely. No-one seems to know what damage GM foods are doing to humans, although there are unexplained increases in allergies, especially to soya, since the introduction of GM foods.

GM and non-GM cannot co-exist.
GM contamination of conventional and organic food is increasing.

Consumers want GM free food
Consumers don't want to eat GM foods or animal products raised on GM feed. Recent FSA research show the majority of consumers don’t want to eat animal products produced with GM food. We don’t trust GM companies to be in control of our food

Chemical Poisoning
Most GM crops are grown to be resistant to chemicals such as glyphosate. In Argentina and Paraguay, doctors and residents living in GM soy producing areas have reported serious health effects from glyphosate spraying, including high rates of birth defects as well as infertility, stillbirths, miscarriages, and cancers. Independent data shows glyphosate spraying has increased since the introduction of GM crops.

Agricultural Diversity
It is crucial that a diversity of crops can be grown side by side without contamination. GM crops have caused a serious emergence of “superweeds” resistant to pesticides. Farmers should be allowed to save their seed and re-plant it should they choose. The use of heritage seeds and traditional seed varieties should be able to continue. We don’t want control of the world’s food supply in the hands of a few biotech company directors.

Environmental Pollution
Genetic pollution contaminates, forever. Studies have shown the survival rates of Monarch butterflies and ladybirds are threatened by GM pollen and increased spraying due to genetically modified crops. Farmers who wish to grow non-GM crops have been sued by the biotech companies when GM contamination has occurred because their neighbours were growing GM crops.

What’s the point?
It is widely acknowledged as a myth that GM crops can help solve world hunger, even by the CEO of one of the companies who manufactures GM crops. The solutions to world hunger are complex, and political will is needed to contribute towards solutions. Farmers worldwide are rejecting GM crops. Current GMO’s have nothing to offer the goals of reducing hunger and poverty, improving nutrition, health and rural livelihoods, and facilitating social and environmental sustainability.

“If some people are allowed to choose to grow, sell and consume GM foods, soon nobody will be able to choose food, or a biosphere, free of GM. It’s a one way choice, like the introduction of rabbits or cane toads to Australia; once it’s made, it can’t be reversed.” – Roger Levett

The time has come to choose between a GM-based, or a non-GM-based, world food supply.