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Governments '96% project' for school attendance

A rethink of this 96% project for school attendance is URGENTLY required as it currently takes into consideration every legitamate sick day or hospital / doctor / dentist appointment that our children have. This puts pressure on parents to send their children into school when they are still ill / contagious and puts additional pressures on our already over -stretched NHS to 'confirm' every incident of illness or medical appointment.

Why is this important?

There is a 48 hour rule on contagious illness for a reason - so that the whole school isnt infected yet this new scheme penalises those parents who abide by the 48 hour rule putting the rest of the school at risk and not allowing our children to fully recover from their illnesses (reducing their immune systems and need for additional medical care in the future!)

The 96% project will also put additional pressure on the NHS for everyday illnesses to be confirmed by already over stretched doctors just so the children arent marked as 'absent'.

There needs to be a better way of targeting attendance that doesnt put a huge risk to the health of our schools and add pressure to the NHS, not to mention the cost to our schools in implementing this system.

United Kingdom

Reasons for signing

  • I will not budge on sending my son to school is he is unwell. He has unfortunately suffered a fair bit of ill health but I refuse to be "bullied" into sending him to school due to "project 96". There are much more important things in this world that our Government should be addressing rather than this! Well done to those whose kids achieve 96% and above and I would love this to be us but hey, its not always possible and that's life!
  • I think its just wrong to send sick kids into school. The attendance records is just a way to up the ofsted report!
  • A child should not be sent to school if there is the slightest chance of passing on anything to other children.


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