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To: Department for Education

Halt the EYFS review until a panel with true EYs experts only is convened

Put the review of the early learning goals on hold. Remove those advising on it who have large scale commercial interests and who do not have proven expertise and knowledge regarding the education of children aged 5 & under. Provide criteria for selecting advisers based on their background and knowledge of best EYs practice linked to international longitudinal research in this area. Only restart the review of ELGs when a suitable group of advisers are in place. Then start by consulting fully amongst the EYs sector and use the results of that consultation and expertise to form draft goals

Why is this important?

What and how young children learn is of utmost importance to their life chances. Young children learn best from meaningful, first hand experiences, in which play is a central feature. The ELGs should reflect this. The group of people currently advising DfE includes people who have very rigid views on how and what young children should learn which are not in line with intetnational longitudinal research. If these people influence what our young children learn, there is a chance we could end up with an overly formal, inappropriate curriculum for young children which could impact negatively on their attitudes to school, learning, mental health and future outcomes.

Reasons for signing

  • The panels who meet to decide the fate of our children are not people who know much at all about what young children need to thrive and learn. It is irresponsible of the Government to choose not to listen to early years experts
  • Children's learning neeeeds less direction not more.
  • The education system in England and many parts of the world is a vehicle for pushing and supporting a government ideology. Keep deprived areas poor and destroy their creativity, ability to think freely and they won't ask any questions. Give them exams and test them at an early age and their confidence and love for learning will hit rock bottom. This is not right, it is not fair and it is something my daughter will not be taking part in no matter what.


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