To: Simon Dudley - Leader of Royal Borough Windsor and Maidenhead Council

Help and support homeless people in Windsor

Help and support homeless people in Windsor

Mr Dudley has asked that the homeless be removed by the police for Harry and Meghan's Royal Wedding (police use legal powers to clear the area of homeless people). We request that he takes back this statement and as leader of the Council offers accommodation and support for people who are homeless.

Why is this important?

Very few people are intentionally homeless. Many people have mental health problems. We need to protect the most vulnerable in our society. Housing is the responsibility of the Council so they must work with other agencies so that people do not need to be homeless.


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Reasons for signing

  • a gentleman I personally knew from the streets of edinburgh - a former soldier - died this week on the streets. He was aged 47. I am one of the "hidden homeless", described as "intentionally homeless" - apparently. Homelessness is a political issue. It is not primarily a mental health issue. No-one would be homeless in a country that respected true / natural law and justice, equality, human rights.
  • People don't become homeless by choice, there are many reasons why they are and even if they are in a hostel overnight they are kicked out in the morning and not allowed back until the evening. Of course they do things which judgmental people with housing see as unsocial. They are only trying to servive in conditions none of us would choose by choice.
  • I am in tears to see people homeless like myself.


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