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To: Portsmouth City Council

Help Save specialist day centre for people with Alzheimers in Portsmouth

Help Save specialist day centre for people with Alzheimers in Portsmouth

Dear Portsmouth City Council,
Please don't close the Patey Centre in Cosham, without providing alternative specialist day care for people with alzheimers and dementia in the north of the city.

Why is this important?

My Mum who has rapidly progressing Alzheimer’s disease uses the centre. It is a local lifeline for many local residents, as a caring unit which understands her condition and provides a friendly and stimulating environment, and for the carers such as myself to get some much needed respite.

The proposal is to move the Patey clients to the Royal Albert Day Centre in the centre of Portsmouth which would be extremely detrimental for the majority of them. They are a close knit group of individuals who thrive on the familiarity and security of both their number and setting. The skilled carers provide stimulating activities which maintain their clients' skills, helping them to feel valued and promoting independence. The move to the much larger Royal Albert Centre and much longer journey would be frightening and hasten the progress of their disease as the unfamiliarity will cause confusion.

Portsmouth City Council's own Dementia Action Plan 2013/14 states:

“Objective one of the Portsmouth Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy is to enhance the quality of life for people with dementia”
“2142 residents will have some form of dementia · 55% (1178) will be mild, 32%(685) will be moderate, 13% (279) will be severe”
“Portsmouth aspires to be a dementia friendly city where people with dementia will be treated with respect and feel included in our local communities.”
“There will need to be a shift away from acute care towards primary and community based service provision, including rehabilitation and reablement.”
“Support for carers is key”

By closing the Patey Centre there will be just 60 spaces for the 2142 sufferers of alzheimers and dementia in the whole of Portsmouth. Portsmouth NEEDS more spaces not less.

The Council claim this is a cost cutting measure however this is only true in the short term. Longer term there will be: growing costs of caring for increasing numbers of isolated dementia sufferers in their homes for whom there are no day care spaces; an increased need for residential care as overwhelmed carers without specialist day care respite will reach breaking point faster; and additional costs transporting people to the Royal Albert.

The Council's intention is to sell the land the Patey Centre is on to help fund a residential home for people with alzheimers in the north of the city, why doesn't this incorporate the Patey Centre?

The 2142 sufferers of alzheimers and dementia in Portsmouth are vulnerable people, many with carers such as myself who are stretched to breaking point. Their needs are being ignored and their excellent day centre is being lost. Please don't close the Patey Centre in Cosham, without providing alternative specialist day care for people with alzheimers and dementia in the north of Portsmouth, put the needs of the people of Portsmouth first.

Portsmouth, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Quite simply its a very worthy cause!
  • To try & retain a unique, smaller dementia care facility.It has been a lifeline for so many acquaintances/carers since I began carer for someone with dementia. There is absolutely nothing wrong with RADC, it is just a different type of facility. Portsmouth needs both of these facilities and more , not less. We have already lost other Day Centres & much needed respite facilities around the city, assisting family carers to continue looking after loved ones.
  • Because I might be next ...


2017-02-03 14:10:05 +0000

It is with great sadness that I am updating to say that the Patey Centre is now closed. The risk was always going to be that there wouldn't be the number of referrals necessary to make it viable. Sadly this does not mean that the number of people with dementia has decreased, rather that the criteria for them getting funding to attend day centre has got tighter due to Govt cutbacks. The need is greater than ever, but the money is not there so these people will be denied the mental stimulation and social interaction they so desperately need. For the people with dementia in Portsmouth this means the fantastic work that the Patey Centre did, and its lovely home from home atmosphere has been lost, and there is now no specialist dementia day care in Portsmouth North. Thank you so much to everyone who supported the Patey Centre and helped us campaign to keep it open. The stay of execution, although short lived made a real difference to the people who used it and was very much appreciated.

2015-04-03 09:19:10 +0100

Delighted to say that the Patey Centre has been give a further 2 years at its current location "until such time as a wider review is undertaken in line with the re-provision of Edinburgh House" This is fantastic news as it has been recognised that it is a priority to have a Day Centre provision in the North of Portsmouth. Many thanks to everyone who has been involved in supporting the Patey Centre Campaign and who signed the petition.

2014-07-08 13:19:03 +0100

2014-07-08 13:18:54 +0100

GREAT NEWS! - Thanks to all your signing and campaigning the Patey Centre has been granted a stay of execution for one year. During this time Donna Jones, the Leader of Portsmouth City Council has assured us that every effort will be made to find an alternative premises and provider in the north of Portsmouth. This shows real commitment by the Council to find a solution and improve the quality of dementia day care in Portsmouth rather than reduce it. Huge thanks to Donna Jones, and John Ferrett (Labour Group Leader) for all their support throughout the campaign and for always knowing this was right. Also to Mark Trapani (MD of Snows BMW & PFC Director) who is supporting the campaign to help us make the next Patey Centre as good as the last! Finally thanks from the bottom of my heart, for caring and signing, you have made a real difference to dementia sufferers and their families in Portsmouth.

2014-05-08 09:59:21 +0100

The only hope we have is the forthcoming election with definite election promises from:
Labour who will "Reduce Councillors allowances to protect dementia care funding" and Conservatives who have "discussed with local charities a funding mechanism which would mean the (Patey) Centre would not have to close"

Thank you for caring, signing the petition and for helping bring dementia care to the forefront of politicians minds. Without your support and strength of feeling this wouldn't have happened.

2014-05-08 09:59:05 +0100

At present the Patey Centre is still scheduled to close, a year earlier than planned, at the end of August. Portsmouth City Council (Lib Dem controlled) have no concrete plans to provide alternative dementia day care in the north of the city, and Patey clients will be moved to the much larger Royal Albert Centre in central Portsmouth. This is not good news and the people who attend and us, their carers and families are very unhappy.

The official response from the Council Meeting at which I presented the petition can be found there:

2014-01-17 18:48:02 +0000

HUGE thanks to you all for your amazing support!
Saturday 11th January 2014 - Petition launched.
Tuesday 14th January - We made the front page of The News for having over 2500 signatures!
Thursday 16th January - BBC Radio Solent run the story of our campaign on their breakfast show.
Thursday 16th January - BBC South Today run the story of our campaign

2014-01-12 13:00:08 +0000

1,000 signatures reached

2014-01-12 09:33:05 +0000

500 signatures reached

2014-01-11 15:40:50 +0000

100 signatures reached

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