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To: James Brokenshire MP (Home Office, Immigration Secretary)

Help the Brain Family with their fight to stay in the UK

The Government’s immigration policies have completely failed.
We are calling upon the UK Home Office to reconsider their decision to deny the Brain family an interim visa to remain in UK.

Why is this important?

The Brain family having invested their life savings to make a life in Scotland, have been informed by the UK government that they have to return to Australia. The Home Office have given them 28 days as of Friday 18/3/16 to leave the UK, or face deportation and bans on re-entry.

This, and the plights of many other families placed in the same deplorable situation, demonstrates very serious shortcomings in UK immigration policy, that people who are here and are making a contribution to our economy, and who want to stay and live here, are being forced out.
Over the years, successive governments have implemented a range of measures to repopulate the Highlands and, thankfully these are slowly bearing fruit.

Gregg, Kathryn and their 7 year old son Lachlan Brain have done nothing but contribute positively both personally and financially to the UK. They paid over £35,000 for Kathryn's degree, and have paid over £40,000 in taxes during their time here. Both were employed in jobs that took some months to fill before they were employed. They have kept their end of the bargain.

Now, without right to appeal, their passports have been confiscated, their right to work abolished, and the Home Office have threatened to freeze their bank accounts and cancel their driving licenses.

They do not deserve to be treated like criminals.

All they want is for the Home Office to deliver what was promised when they sold everything they owned in Australia to come to the UK - a two year post-study work visa, giving them the opportunity to establish a working relationship with an employer, and a chance at a longer-term visa. Living up to what was promised is not too much to ask.

How it will be delivered

To be determined, as appropriate at the time.



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