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To: Herefordshire County Council

Hereford Visions

Restoration of real democracy to Herefordshire, where 'secretive' governance is finally outlawed and a real, open discussion with the people is conducted about the future direction of this agricultural county.

A full council that will instead treat the electorate like intelligent grown-ups, and actively encourage people to become county and parish councillors. To include training when they get there so that they feel supported and able to do a good job and be leaders in their local communities. The times of council meetings should be adjusted to make it easier for working people to function effectively as councillors and also to enable members of the public to attend meetings.

An end to 'cabinet' governance, secret meetings, and self interest projects that fail to benefit the citizens. A halt to destructive plans in the core strategy being put forward at present which include paving grade 1 farmland to the west of Hereford for a (non) relief road, that includes plans to add at least 1600 new vehicles to the traffic problems (via new homes applied for).

Restoration of a governance system which brings the best qualified members of the council together to head up the policy areas - whichever party they represent.

Proper performance management of staff, that the responsibilities of individuals, targets and pay are linked to the delivery of policies ... which will have been properly consulted upon and communicated clearly to all.

It should be ensured that all policies are backed up and supported by verifiable evidence from independent sources and not be compromised to advance the interests of big business at the expense of local needs.

Why is this important?

Too many destructive decisions have been taken behind closed doors resulting in a budget deficit largely created by (at best) mismanangement, and the resulting closure or reduction in all the services the citizens value.

The recent campaigns to Save The Edgar Street Trees, Libraries & Museums, Customer Services, social and health care, and other current campaigns we have also supported in the last year, have highlighted the items that the public consider most important to their society and the unholy debacle caused by a small cabal of councillors refusing to listen has resulted in a huge amount of anger and frustration.

This campaign continues .... so please keep signing and sharing.

How it will be delivered

This depends on too many outcomes as to the practicality ... most likely email, but all options are on the table at present.

Herefordshire, United Kingdom

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2013-12-20 01:56:00 +0000

Our facebook page ...

2013-12-20 01:49:02 +0000

Currently we have discussions ongoing about traffic strategies in Hereford, libraries, museums and other public services under threat. Please help us return to a place where you, (and us) the people have a real say in the governance of our county.

2013-11-30 01:28:25 +0000

25 signatures reached

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2013-10-09 19:34:25 +0100

54% of the people reported being angry or very angry with the behaviour of the council cabinet in a recent Hereford times poll. This is consistent with a poll before the felling where the same percentage were against them being removed. .
"The HA has consulted with the Council, but not directly with residents; it appears to have complete discretion here since the trees fall within the highway itself (this itself raises a serious issue of democratic accountability)" - Jesse Norman MP (South Herefordshire)

2013-10-09 19:18:28 +0100

Following on from the campaigns to save libraries, museums, trees, loos and other public services a debate has opened up with other campaigns also pooling resources to correct the course of this county. Here For Hereford posted this on our page recently "Herefordshire Council is run by a few Cabinet Members who live outside of the City of Hereford itself; some even admit on radio to having little knowledge or expertise; intemperate language is being used. Pressure groups are starting to have an impact through social media, and it can surely only be a matter of time before someone within the Council starts to ‘blow the whistle.’- reflecting many posts in our save the trees campaign, which never was about trees alone but a much better transport plan for the city.